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BTC,UTH,USD Start: 1 Jul 2017
End: 21 Jul 2017

Civic’s model allows for on-demand, secure and lower cost access to identity verification via the blockchain. Background and personal information verification checks may no longer need to be undertaken from the ground up every time a new institution or application requires one. Civic already has a working identity verification product that is available worldwide.

Money TechnologyMoney Technology

USD, ETH, ZCash, BTC Start: 1 Jul 2017
End: 2 Aug 2017

MoneyTech is the first cryptomining company where owners of tokens are co-owners of a mining farm. The capitalization of the MT token is directly correlated with the growth of the company’s assets. In addition, investors enjoyed monthly dividends. We plan to install 70 mining vehicles up to September 1, 2017. Thus, when ICO ends, investors will be able to payout dividends.


The rise of cryptocurrencies

It wasn’t that long ago that Bitcoin was a risky fledgling to be laughed at. Look who’s laughing now – the currency recently set an impressive new price record as the value of one coin surpassed $2000.

Since Bitcoin emerged on the scene in the late 2000’s, the entire ecosystem has verifiably exploded. Now that dozens of cryptocurrencies have pushed their worth into the eight-figure range, the pace of new players hitting the field is accelerating rapidly.

ICOs – the new IPOs

This batch of freshly minted coins has driven the creation of a new transaction type called the ICO – Initial Coin Offering. Think IPO – Initial Public Offering, the difference being that IPOs are for investors, while ICOs are for everyday supporters who want to want to invest in a new startup. It’s like crowdfunding with an expected return on the “tokens” you buy; hence it’s other name – Token Sales and Crowdsales. ICO listings (like this one), keep you informed of all the up and coming ICOs.

How it works

Say a cryptocurrency startup wants to raise funds. They sell their future cryptocurrency (tokens), and you buy them (usually using Bitcoin or Eretheum). Essentially you are giving them cryptocurrencies of immediate value and in return they are giving you tokens of their new currency. The bet is that the application will be popular and thereby generate demand for the tokens, increasing their value and giving you a quick, strong return.


The industry is quite simply on fire. Inc.com recently reported “Initial coin offerings have raised over a billion dollars for early stage startups in the past year.”

The speed at which funds are being raised is incredible – a browsing and messaging app called Status.im raised $100m within 3 hours. Browser startup Brave raised $35m in under 30 seconds.

CoinSchedule cryptocurrency stats show that this impressive wealth creation seems to be doubling on a monthly basis.

What we’re seeing is growth in crypto technology that is easily comparable to that of the internet boom in the 1990s. A lack of regulations is allowing the ICO market to move and innovate quickly. In the current “Wild West” climate of crypto, backing a successful startup is highly lucrative. Potential supporters are browsing ICO directories like this one to choose which startups to back from the growing list.

Getting in on the ground floor

People all over the world are throwing in their lot with ICOs with the hope of becoming a stakeholder in a startup that turns out to be the next Facebook or Snapchat. Over the coming years we will witness a huge number of traditional, archaic systems being succeeded by the block-chain-based solutions that are emerging now.

Low cost investment

Perhaps the biggest benefit to supporters is the low cost of the tokens. Plus, looking to the future, most exchanges will eventually enable trading of these tokens, where they can be sold for a profit if the startup is successful.


By thinking strategically and considering key factors you increase your chances of picking the right cryptocurrencies. The key is to determine which cryptocurrency startups address a real need and are not just a passing fad. When browsing our ICO directory, here’s what to look for:

The project must make sense as a long-term business

Make sure the business idea is solid. Will this service still be needed in five, ten years time? Think ahead about how such an asset could provide value to certain people, companies or organisations. Is there a demonstrated demand for it? Is there a competing service that can easily out-perform this project? Importantly – is the business something that needs a cryptocurrency token system to work?

Committed and transparent developers

Do the developers appear committed? Can you easily find the names and images of the team? You’re better off with a group that is openly proud of their product. What else have they worked on? A team with experienced members who previously worked on successful projects is a good sign. If you can’t work out who is behind the project than ask yourself why.

Check forums

Check the crypto currencies forum page on bitcointalk forums. Is there any buzz about this ICO? What are people saying? Who else is investing? Who thinks it’s a winner? Who knows the developers? Most people who got into crypto early use the forums as it was the only way to keep up when mainstream media weren’t reporting on the industry. They’re still a great source of underground information.

Professional branding

You might be tempted to think that flashy websites and images can’t be trusted, but in this case the opposite is true. If the developers are serious about their product, they will have invested appropriately in professional branding and design. The more effort they put into the presentation of their service, the better. It should look like they are confident their product is a winner, so they have advertised it as such. And remember, you want other people browsing ICO listings to choose them too, so it needs to look appealing full stop.

Look for platforms, not features

Look at any ICO listing or directory and you’ll notice that many cryptocurrency projects out right now are feature-based projects, not platform projects. Look for a platform project that provides an end-to-end solution to a problem. Platforms can support a variety of apps, e-commerce functionality and other plug-ins. History shows us that feature-based technologies get replaced by platforms that incorporate those features (think Facebook incorporating messaging). If you invest in a currency purely based on features, all it takes is some innovation within Bitcoin or Ethereum and the same functionality will be added as a feature, which is likely to result in a crippling blow to feature-only cryptocurrencies.

While there’s no foolproof formula to find the best projects in the current ICO mania, avoiding the ones most likely to fail will keep you in the game. Follow the steps above to increase your chances of backing the tech industry’s next giants.